What is Ethical Hyper-Personalization?

TeddyBot is designed for human flourishing, not for extraction of data and attention. Our goal is to free children from screens and uplift them as active, empowered beings in the world. Our goal is also to enable a paradigm shift in the ways in which we collectively interact with large amounts of data. The era of surveillance for the sake of targeted ads and fine-turned algorithmic nudges to increase addiction is over. The era of “ethical hyper-personalization” is here.   

“Ethical hyper-personalization,” as we call it, is based on five commitments: 

PillarTeddyBot’s Commitment
Data PrivacyUsers own and control their own data. 
Sensitive data is automatically encrypted at the source through a hardware security module.
Users can choose to filter or delete their data if they do not wish to be part of the data collection process.
Transparent AlgorithmsAlgorithmic impacts are easily understood through an insights dashboard. 
Consensual Algorithms Users have control over broad algorithmic foci. 
Five commitments of Ethical Hyper-personalization 

User Ownership of Data:

We believe that users should have complete ownership of their data. The immense value of personal data grows ever more apparent as the brilliance showcased by Large Language Models (LLMs) evolves. TeddyBot puts the power back in the hands of users and communities. Through the TeddyBot educational companion and our “Powered by TeddyBot”  white-label licensing of our core technology, users can create their own AI models, trained on their own data and shaped by their own desires. For example, a group of regenerative farmers could use “powered by TeddyBot” to create an AI model trained on their collective wisdom that they then use to guide farming decisions. They now own these insights, and can share them or sell them over our privacy-centric data sharing layer. 

Automatic Encryption of Sensitive Data:

Privacy is non-negotiable. Sensitive data is automatically encrypted within a Hardware Security Module (HSM) within TeddyBot. Beyond the standard definition of personally identifiable information, sensitive data categorization can be expanded at the user’s discretion. Only individuals with encryption keys can access the data, which is stored within a tamper-resistant HSM. There is no way to hack into TeddyBot to steal sensitive data or hack into TeddyBot’s cameras or sensors.    

User Filtering and Removal Options:

Ethical hyper-personalization means respecting individual choices. The keepers of encryption keys can filter certain individuals’ TeddyBot interactions from the datasets and delete history of interactions. The individual will need a self sovereign identifier in order to be filtered and there will be a record of filtering or deletion, but the model will not be trained on their data.  

Transparency through Insights Dashboards:

With TeddyBot, we want parents, caregivers and teachers to clearly understand the algorithmic priorities and impact. The insights dashboard offers a comprehensive view of learning metric progress (e.g. new shapes identified), topics discussed, activities engaged in, time spent and time of day, and sentiment analysis. This transparency empowers parents and caregivers with a deeper understanding of their child’s learning process, facilitating informed decisions.

Current rough mockup of dashboard

Control over Algorithmic Focus:

TeddyBot recognizes that each child is unique, and their learning needs may vary. Parents and teachers can integrate their own knowledge of what TeddyBot should prioritize through control over the broad areas of algorithmic focus. Whether it’s encouraging more reading time, facilitating sibling activities, or limiting daily interactions (e.g., TeddyBot tells the kid “I am tired today, we are only going to meet for 30 minutes.”) In each interaction, TeddyBot will combine these variables with context clues, real-time verbal feedback, real-time visual feedback, historical data and learning module data.   

Designed for Human Flourishing:

“Ethical hyper-personalization” must be at the forefront of the AI revolution. It is key to individual flourishing, community flourishing, and democratic flourishing. Personalized AI in homes and schools that do not center ethical hyper-personalization can be used for highly specific surveillance and manipulation. Luckily, TeddyBot and “Powered by TeddyBot” lead the way towards a positive future! 


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