TeddyBot School Partnerships

Our Users are the Experts

We are passionate about user-centered design, research, and the motto “not about us without us.” Our users, kids included, are the experts of what they need. We are centering our design and development on the experience of kids, families and educators. Thus far, we are partnering with The Nueva School and Riverdale Country School to evaluate and improve TeddyBot.

Holistic Collaborations

Over the course of Spring and Fall 2024, we plan to partner with high school capstone students to conduct TeddyBot user research. We will collaborate with educators to teach students about ethical robotics and ethical AI development, which includes the importance of user-centered design. We will go through the Ethical OS Toolkit: A Guide to Anticipating the Future Impact of Today’s Technology to practice proactive mitigation of harm.

The high school seniors will create their own learning modules for TeddyBot and gather feedback from the pre-K through 4th graders. They will then iterate on their learning modules based on the data gathered. We will also conduct interviews and surveys with kids about their perceptions of privacy and consent regarding data sharing.

Lastly, we will gather feedback from teachers about how TeddyBot can be most helpful to them and test integration into the classroom.

Our advisor, Dr. Samantha Shorey, will guide our research design in collaboration with the learning experts at both schools.

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